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    In 16 short years Morinda’s sales have reached 6 Billion. This is the best possible time to become involved with Morinda. A solid compensation plan with Dynamic Compression –53% commission paid every month.

    1. Bonus Pools –Morinda pays 8% of the monthly commissions based on global sales.
    2. Toll-free customer service for recruiting and orders, with multiple language support.
    3. Company-funded training, recognition and rewards program that guides new business partners through every step of being successful with Morinda.
    4. Still one of the fastest growing companies in the network marketing industry, over the last 20 years.
    5. Thousands of people sent to Tahiti in just 16 years, with hundreds more going every year.
    6. Created more millionaires faster than any other company in the history of MLM. (Over 250)

  • Introducing the new
    Bioactive Academy

    School is officially in session. Tahitian Noni International’s Bioactive Academy is the premier training platform for TNI business builders. The training presentations you’ll find inside the virtual walls of this institution of Bioactive learning will prepare you for every possible situation. Inside Bioactive Academy you’ll learn the science behind Tahitian Noni Bioactives, the history of our company, the best strategies and practices for sharing product, and how you can fully take advantage of the Tahitian Noni opportunity.

    Be in your seat when that bell rings. It’s time to go back to school!

  • A Simple System

    By: Kelly Olsen

    When we began Morinda in 1996, we chose Network Marketing as our business model. The reason was simple. We had a revolutionary product that needed enthusiastic people to tell its story. We knew that the story would not be told if the product was on a store shelf. Network Marketing works best when there is a unique product with a compelling story.

    In 1978, I signed up with a Life Insurance company that used a Networking sales model to sell its insurance products. The system was very simple. As an agent, I was responsible to get all my licenses so I could sell the products, then I began to contact potential clients. First the people that I knew, then I began to contact people I had never met before.

    I worked at it every day and over time I built up a small business that generated an income for me. In my business I had two objectives. First to develop my own client list and second to recruit other agents into my business. This way, I could benefit from income from my own production and also from the production of agents who joined my team. I learned how to recruit them, train them and support them. . . while at the same time I continued to build my own personal clients.

    This, as I discovered in 1978, was the pure basic business model for a Network Marketing company. The model was pretty new in 1978, and over the years, thousands of companies have used this business model and millions of people worldwide have participated.

    It seems to me that over the years, though, this pure model has become confused. There is always an element of people who want to turn this beautiful business model into a scheme, or game. If done correctly, Network Marketing can bring hope and success to people, if done incorrectly, without integrity, it will disappoint and discourage people.

    When we began Morinda in 1996, we chose Network Marketing as our business model. The reason was simple. We had a revolutionary product that needed enthusiastic people to tell its story. We knew that the story would not be told if the product was on a store shelf. Network Marketing works best when there is a unique product with a compelling story. We had that and we grew fast.

    There is one other thing we had that enabled us to grow fast. . . a simple system. The system in 1996 was:

    • 1.Tell the Story
    • 2.Enroll people on Case Autoship
    • 3.Receive your Fast Start Bonus
    • 4.Recruit and build an organization

    The most important feature of this system was that we had a single, focused unifying message. This made us strong and unified. The simplicity made it so clean and pure.

    As I have thought about “The Spirit of ‘96”, this thought has come to me again and again. How powerful we were when we were focused. When we had a pure model that moved people right into our business.

    • Our story inspired people.
    • Our Product changed people’s lives.
    • Our compensation plan motivated people and created hope.
  • TruAge: Helping the body manage its own age.

    As I have mentioned in my recent updates, it has become so clear to us that our message has been evolving through the years to allow us to arrive at this “Destiny Moment” in our company’s history. A moment when we can declare to the world that the destiny of Morinda is to help everyone discover finally, how to help the body manage its own age.

  • TruAge System: The perfect business model for success

    Our legacy products, Tahitian Noni, EXTRA and MAX, are uniquely developed and formulated to help the body manage its own age. Our compensation plan has nearly 17 years of success in helping IPC’s create income. The key piece now is to put in place a system that will allow us to take advantage of this tremendous new technology and discovery.

  • Outcome Objective: $1,000.00 per month entry level.

    Before we go any further, I want to raise the bar for the entire company. I want to suggest to everyone that if we are going to accomplish the level of success we desire, we need to offer a plan that will allow anyone to earn a base, entry level income of $1,000.00 per month. The entire TruAge system is centered on this objective. We are going to introduce, at ILC, a simple, 3 step system that will lead to a sustainable income of $1000.00 per month, and much more.

  • Entry Point—-Conversion—-Advocacy

    I want you to become very familiar with this terminology. These three terms describe exactly the TruAge system and help you understand the simple progression from introducing someone to the website, to enjoying some new incredible bonuses.

  • Entry Point.

    Remember our commitment to a single focused message. Our message is “What is your TruAge?” Be very clear that the power of our system and the key to success in this system is to be committed to this single message.

    Step 1. Drive new people to The website is designed to educate about AGE’s and create interest in our message. There is nothing more relevant to everyone, than the idea of living younger. We capitalize on this and begin to satisfy their curiosity at The website then creates a desire to learn their personal TruAge score.

    Step 2. Find out your personal TruAge Score. Attend a TruAge meeting where the TruAge scanner is available. There is power in knowledge and our focus on knowing your AGE levels will place this forefront in everyone’s mind along with knowing your cholesterol level, BMI and Blood Pressure. So in step one we educate about what AGE’s are and why everyone should be aware of them and understand how important they are to our health; Step 2 gives us the personal power to know our personal TruAge number so we become more receptive to the idea of managing our AGE levels. This naturally leads to a conversation on how to help the body manage its own age. . .

    Step 3. Introducing the TruAge Pack. At ILC, we will introduce the TruAge pack to each of our major markets. The idea of the TruAge pack is that it is the perfect way to begin using the products that will help you manage your AGE’s. This will be a unique product item and with this item there will be a unique commission structure that will lead to $1000 per month in income. This will be explained in full at ILC.

  • Conversion

    Of course our objective is to convert everyone to the complete world of Morinda. The entry point is the doorway that every new person is introduced to Morinda through the TruAge system. From there, we leverage their new knowledge about AGE’s to convince them to get the best value through the CAS program. CAS is the main objective in conversion. CAS creates retention and residual income. We know from 17 years of history that the CAS program creates wealth. The Entry Point creates immediate entry level income of $1000/month. Conversion creates residual income that will last a lifetime.

  • Advocacy

    The final step in our system, then, is to become a mentor and leader of our own organization. Unified with the TruAge message and the TruAge system, you have the tools to take anyone from the beginning to an entry level income of $1000 and then to residual income leading to wealth. This is the first time in our company history that we have had such a well-defined, all inclusive system. It works because: The Message is Universally Relevant.

    • The Website piques interest, educates and creates curiosity.
    • The Scanner validates our research and gives everyone a physical experience with TruAge.
    • The TruAge pack is the perfect way to start managing our AGE levels and allow our body to manage its own age.
    • Every element is designed to create confidence and belief. These lead to momentum.

    These are historic times. We are entering a new era of vision and growth. If, up till now, you have assumed that this is just another promotion or yearly theme, you need to reassess your thinking. This is as earth shaking as it was in 1996. Recognize it and get involved. Already we have had more page views on our website than any other time in our history. The average “linger time” for people visiting our website is nearly 5 minutes!! This is beyond incredible. Basically, it means that people are flocking to our message and when they arrive, they spend time learning what we want to share with them. You can have confidence in this system.

    I hope, wherever you are, you are finding happiness and joy in your personal and business life. Our business is opportunity driven and this opportunity is significant. Don’t under estimate it.

    Very best wishes!
    Kelly Olsen

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