Mission Statement

Empower Group 101:


Our mission is: to be a powerful global force, for positive health, financial wealth, educational, and spiritual growth.

Experience, and vision teaches us, that the greatest success occurs when humanitarian, spiritual, and environmental principles are practiced along with common sense, and agreement!

The meeting of the minds of 3 or more people has infectious

power; we will multiply this factor many times over.

To share our knowledge with all people, this is not a privilege it is an obligation.




Become living examples: by thy fruits you will know them, be


emissaries of our products, embody health, rejuvenate and


excite the life values that inspire all.


Create wealth by Empowering: and rewarding others who


share and support our network family group, we pledge to be


supportive of all people, to faithfully fulfill our financial


obligations, in alignment with our marketing charter.


Share our wealth and knowledge: by contributing our time


and efforts to those less fortunate than ourselves.


To serve Humanity, by teaching the benifits of sharing, and caring, good healthy living,and the creation of wealth in all forms..........


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