What are AGEs and Where do AGEs come from?
  • What are AGEs

    AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) are harmful compounds that develop in the body or are ingested through food. AGEs have been linked aging and a number of serious health issues.


    AGEs are formed naturally inside our bodies when excess sugar and protein combine. They can also be ingested from the foods we eat. Foods that are high in AGEs include fried, processed, or sugary foods. Animal meats, especially red meats, are also high in AGEs.

    Cooking methods affect AGE levels as well. In fact, the way foods are prepared and cooked has the biggest impact on AGE levels. Cooking with high levels of heat or using cooking methods that brown foods, including barbecuing, sautéing, broiling, searing, and toasting, send the AGE content of foods skyrocketing.


    The body has natural processes to rid itself of harmful AGEs. However, when too many AGEs are consumed and created, they build up faster than the body can keep up with and begin to accumulate in body tissues. This accumulation affects our entire bodies, from the skin to the organs.

    High levels of AGEs are linked to virtually every serious health concern we face today, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney function, blood sugar levels, joint health, and memory function.

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