My passion is to help others realize their goals and to see that their dreams come true.

Trish Bain

I promote the FIT and Max products and specialize in weight management, diabetes and eating disorders.

Jody Whipple

I came to this country with $100 in my pocket. But now, thanks to Morinda Bioactives, I make a six-figure income.

Anna Shtramel

I’m a full-time mother and have a wonderful family. Thrive Original has helped normalize the health of my body.

Yvonne Gonzalez

Morinda has given my family and I more time to spend together. With Morinda, we now have a bright and fulfilling future.

Quinton Wiggins

I earned a bonus of $1,000 with my Morinda business that helped me pay my rent, insurance and ease the burden of my recent job loss.

Abena Brown

I’m an orthopedic technician and referee both football and baseball. I’m excited to be a part of the new Morinda Bioactives.

Ruben Gonzalez

My parents got involved with Morinda in 1996 and we’ve enjoying the entire Morinda product line ever since!

Yoyok Riswando

The FIT products and program have given me a second chance at life. Now, I look forward to living it to the fullest.

Dr. Rodney Oberdorf

I'm a hip hop dancer from Australia and couldn’t accomplish the the dances I do without Thrive Adaptogenics.

Nakaiya Hudson

With Morinda, I was able to triple my income in just ten months!

Brandon Missouri

I've seen first hand, the health and financial benefits that come with being a part of Morinda.

Leonardo Arie Wibowo

I’ve been able to bring health and wealth to people thanks to Morinda Bioactives

Yoyok Riswando

We won a Year’s Supply of Max at the 2012 International Leadership Conference! Morinda has given us a taste of the dream lifestyle we have always wanted to live.

Aaron & Celeste Smith

I'm a surfer and a businesswoman and I love taking care of my skin.

April W.

I'm a Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist and I love the Defy Biotopicals.

Kyona B.

I’ve lost 125 pounds of body fat and 16 inches off my waist thanks to the FIT Body Composition products.

Andre Park

I love visualizing how to help my clients look better and feel better.

Naoko T.

I am a Morinda FIT Challenge Champion!

CJ Czencz

The opportunity to be with our family and build a business that we can share with them is priceless to us.

Wendy & Javis Myrick

I am a snowboarder and the Morinda Bioactives really help with the quality of my training on the slopes

Takahide Seki

My wife and I are living the dream life and are financially free.

Art Lee

I’m a ballroom dancer, radio DJ and interior designer. I love putting my heart and soul into my Morinda business.

Mei Tanzil

With the FIT products, lost over 80 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 10!

Paula Mickens

I used to have a position in corporate banking, but now I have a job that has given me my life back.

Valencia Pamphile

I'm a point guard for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers.

Chauncey Billups

I'm a college football player and use the Thrive Extra to overcome football injuries.

Roland Culhno

I am truly blessed to have been introduced to Morinda Bioactives.

Terri Pratt

After using FIT and the other bioactive products, I am now a walking billboard for Bioactivism.

Martha B. Fontenette

Morinda has provided me the perfect opportunity to work for the benefit of others.

Sumie Saruwatari

We've raised a family with TNI and are eager to share the benefits of Bioactives with others.

Maria & Viktor Rudolph

I have a published study on the noni fruit and fully believe that it works!

Dr. Johannes Westendorf

Love belief and passion. These are the things which have driven me to success with Morinda.

Mari Asano

Morinda has given me so many opportunities and has supported our family for the last nine years.

Joan Enriquez-Noguera

With FIT, I was able to lose over 70 pounds of body fat!

Simon Rojas

I love cooking and preparing meals for my friends.

Colleen H.

With the Defy skin care line, I'm doing my best to look younger and healthier.

Judy B.

I'm a middle distance runner training for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Isa Phillips

It's been so long since I’ve been at the weight I am now. Thanks to FIT, i just keep getting healthier!

Lucy Sanders

Know More Stories

Kay Watts
About Me

I have been employed full time with a financial institution for over 17 years. Currently, I assist other branches in various departments and assist with their training. I am also a college student through Herzing University Online out of Madison, Wisconsin. In 2013, I will receive my Associates of Science in Business Administration. Besides work and college, I also teach sunday school to four-year old kids. I have two grown children that have been the best supporters of all my endeavors and I am so thankful they have never given up on me.


My Story

I had been using Bioactive beverages on and off for a couple of years. Then, one year, I did not receive my flu shot and by December of that year, I had spent over $150 in over-the-counter medications. By January, I had spent money at the doctor’s office, bought prescription drugs and was still not any better because of it. I was supposed to work at the race tracks in Daytona during the Daytona 500; but, I was so sick that my symptoms were pointing to me having walking pneumonia. I went to my friend, Velma Dawson and literally was begging her for some noni to purchase. I bought two bottles from her and that night, I started taking two ounces of the Thrive Original every two hours. For the next three days, while working at the races, I took the same amount every two hours and within three days, my symptoms were basically non-existent! I promised myself I would never be without noni again.

Fast forward a few years to a corporate event in 2011. By this time, I had become an avid Thrive Extra girl and would consume at least two ounces in the morning and evening, every day! Velma and I were taking pictures at the corporate office. I had stepped forward to hand my camera for someone to take pictures of me and Velma when my right foot slid forward and my left foot went backwards and I fell directly on my left knee on the marble floor. I picked myself up and dusted myself off and said, “That will leave a bruise!” By this time there were people all around me asking if I was ok. A security officer asked me if there was anything he could get for me and I said, “Yes, a double shot of EXTRA!” He got me the Extra and about 30 minutes later, he brought me another double shot of Extra while I was waiting for the ambulance to take me to get checked out at the hospital and make sure nothing was broken.

When I was finally released from the hospital, Velma and I were taken back to the corporate office. Upon returning, there were other Morinda staff members that asked if there was anything they could do or get for me. Once again, I said, “Yes, a double shot of Extra!” Before heading back to our hotel for the night, I received another glass of Extra and also drank some of the Thrive Pure. I had homework to complete and knew I had to have the energy to not only complete my assignments but also rest comfortably that night.

The next day, I was very sore; but, I knew the bioactives were working on my knee! I could feel the difference! We continued our training sessions, then took a tour of the corporate office and of nearby Bridal Veil Falls. I will never forget that day! That day, my heart switched from being just a customer to being an IPC. I am forever changed and ready to tell my story.

I know I have a long way to grow to be where I want to be. But, I will get there! After trying the new Max Concentrate at ILC 2012, I am hooked on it. Thank you Morinda Bioactives for transforming my life.

Velma Dawson
About Me

I’m 67 years young. I feel better than I did when I was in my 40’s and 50’s

My Story

I was a wreck health-wise. I had debilitating health issues. I was dealing with fiber-myalgia and with carpel tunnel syndrome. I literally was just waiting for the time to say “See you all in the next life.” One day, I was at church with a friend of mine, Trish Bain. She was aware of the health issues I was facing and invited me to try out the Morinda products. She mentioned that if I didn’t see a difference, that I could have my money refunded after 90 days.

So in the first part of 2001, I decided to try them out.

Unfortunately, right after I had started on the product, I had to stop because of my expenses. The funny thing was, that my customers had seen the difference in my health. They mentioned that I used to be in so much pain and now, they didn’t notice it. I told them how I had been drinking the Original Bioactive Beverage and they wanted to order some themselves! From there, I started ordering two to three cases just to satisfy these customers. At this point, I was in for good!

I had the opportunity to attend a Jade Retreat in Provo, UT in 2010. It was a phenomenal experience. I brought a guest with me and she mentioned that of all the different meetings and opportunity events she has ever been to; that she had never received so much attention, been so warmly received and enjoyed as much as she did Jade Retreat. She received so much insight from this event that she felt like she had been doing business with Morinda for years. Because of this event, she is determined to be a Bioactivist.

My favorite part of the Jade Retreat were the trainings and object lessons. I learned that when things become hard, you must persevere and become a winner. Any worthwhile goals require work, diligence and perseverance. You can’t let naysayers deviate you and say otherwise. The speakers at the Jade Retreat helped me realize that and made a great impression on me. We were challenged at this event. We were motivated and provided with the information and insight we needed. I can’t say enough about the importance of attending Jade Retreat. Attending it helped me to get in a mindset of seriousness with the products and with building my business.

I’ve not only seen a lot of benefits from the Bioactive Beverages, but more recently from the FIT Body Composition System. These products have changed my attitude, my physical body and its overall composition. My favorite product, the Reduce fat flushing formula, is something that my husband and I drink every day in the morning and at night. I really see a difference in not having hunger periods and not experiencing cravings. The diseases I once had before have cancelled out. I even joined the Fit Challenge in 2010. Being a part of that competition was very exhilarating. It gave me the opportunity to tell people to go onto the company’s website and check out my progress and success. I had people telling me how great I looked, and they wanted to get products too. I had created a need for them by simply using the products myself.

At 67 years young, I feel better than I did in my 40’s and 50’s. I walk on the treadmill and do core training four times per week. My friends at the gym can really see a difference in how much energy I have. Since using the FIT products, I have been able to lose over 17 pounds of body fat, improve my BMI score from a 29 to a 24 and drop from a size 14 to a size 10.

The FIT Body Composition System has changed my life forever.

Dawne Miles
About Me

I have three children and no grandchildren… yet! I love Morinda Bioactives and love to travel. My hobbies are reading, knitting, crocheting and doing other crafts. I love the outdoors, camping, walking, and am very active in my church.

My Story

My story begins a few years ago when I had bursitis in both hips. The bursa was so inflamed that I could not sit down and cross my legs or sleep at night. It was very painful to lay on either side. I walked with a lot of difficulty. I was also experiencing some feelings of arthiritis. My doctors all recommended Cortisone shots and physical therapy. Soon after I was introduced to the Thrive Adaptogenics Original I began drinking the product on a daily basis. I continued to work through physical therapy and take this product and noticed one day that there was hardly any pain in my hips. My bursitis was disappearing! Today, I have no bursitis in my hips and don’t feel any pain from the arthiritis. My immune system has never been better and I don’t have to take flu shots now!

I’ve had some great experiences by being able to travel with Morinda Bioactives. I have been able to travel to Tahiti on the company’s Outrigger trip and it was such a fantastic experience! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the corporate offices three times, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and participate in several conventions in my home-state of Florida.

I also love the Defy and FIT products that Morinda Bioactives offers. I use the Defy products every day and am always getting compliments on how good my skin looks. I have lost weight with the FIT Body Composition system. The FIT products taste so great. Without a doubt, we have the God-given products that are the very best for our God-given bodies. I will never stop taking Morinda Bioactives or using the bioactive products!

Rating: 4.33/5 (3 votes)